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No Fry July - T1 Diabetes is a prick!

Well, actually it's lots of pricks, every day.

My name is Salomae, I am a hot chips addict from Adelaide and my partner Tom was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 21 four years ago.

This July, I am giving up fries and hoping in the process to raise funds for people like Tom living with type one diabetes. I will be donating $5 for every day I go without chips, but I cannot reach my goal of $500 alone!

I also want to raise awareness. On June 30, I demolished my "last supper"; an enormous serve of chips and gravy. To enjoy the chips and gravy with me, Tom had to inject 10 units of insulin.

It's important for me to raise awareness as well as funds because someone once said to me - "Does diabetes actually affect Tom's life?" The answer is yes it does. He may not look like he is suffering, but I'd call 4 needles a day, 4 finger pricks a day, constant fear of high or low blood sugars and other health risks an effect on his life and the lives of 6 Australians who are diagnosed with type one diabetes every day!

Your kind donation will go towards the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund, supporting the hard work to turn Type One into Type None.

Thank You

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